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JUNE 2021: An Update From Our Founder

Hello and thank you for coming here to learn more about the wild, remarkable DB journey.


My name is Makenzie. I created DELIGHTED BY in 2015, launching the first dessert hummus in the world to retail shelves.

I had discovered that you could combine chickpeas with sweet ingredients to make edible cookie dough in order to satisfy my sweet tooth in a healthier way! I brought my creation to a Super Bowl party where everyone raved about it. But it wasn't until one year later -- after a profound year of transformation and healing -- that I was intuitively guided to launch DB in the world. 

During my healing journey I had discovered that my 'purpose' in life is to spread my glitter in the world. 

My food creations, dessert hummus included, are the way I spread my glitter - the way I shine my light in the world.

In everything we do at DELIGHTED BY, my intention is to infuse love and high vibes into our brand and our products so that you can feel the positive impact in your life. 

In the first 5 years of business we had some amazing success and big wins, launching into 5000 retail stores, being featured on ABC's Shark Tank plus hundreds of other media outlets, and building a heart-centered team. 

My dream had come to life. I was learning quickly, growing personally, discovering what true leadership means for me, and so much more. There were highs, lows, mistakes, wins and everything in between. 

In the midst of our success we came up against the reality of the current food industry, which for us entailed my ideas being copied, recipes being stolen, and what once was an innocent creation becoming tainted by the fear, greed and corruption of Big Food. Not only did my own manufacturers steal, copy or compete with us in one way or another, but nearly every other hummus brand in the nation launched their own sweet hummus in hopes to capitalize on the trend. Retailers pushed us down, down, down on price - in most cases leading to us losing money. Our higher quality product could no longer compete with the lower-priced ripoffs on the shelf and we were discontinued from retailers one by one. Eventually, we could no longer meet our manufacturer minimums and had to terminate our remaining business with Wegmans and Whole Foods.

All of these experiences shaped who I am today, so I am grateful to say the least. Above all, I emerged from these experiences with more fire, more passion, and more fierceness for the Bigger Purpose that DB represents...

Conscious. Business.

DELIGHTED BY is here to lay a template for heart-centered business rooted in collaboration, fairness, transparency, connection and love. Along the way, she has shined her light on a bunch of dark corners in order to illuminate what no longer is serving our planet or humanity at large. DB and I have partnered together to pave the way for future entrepreneurs and new paradigms of business that will play an instrumental role in restoring harmony on Earth.

As of March 2021, we laid off all of our employees and terminated any remaining agreements with retailers, distributors and co-packers. My beloved partner Michael joined me hand in hand to begin re-creating DELIGHTED BY in a way that would do its pure origins justice. Michael and I, along with the support of our amazing investors, friends, and mentors, chose to use this breaking point as an opportunity to get creative, to rebirth something incredible, to do it even better than we ever had before. We set out to take everything back into our own hands, especially the production of our products.

We knew that the vibration and energy of which DB was created is pure, potent and impactful. We wanted to protect that once and for all. We wanted to offer DB's delicious gifts directly to our community of loyal customers. We wanted to up-level EVERYTHING: the ingredients, the packaging, the way the products are made. And I, as the Founder, wanted to establish a genuine connection with the DB tribe in a way I hadn't felt like I could do before. Inside of me I found a desire to use my voice, share my heart, and authentically CONNECT with all of you through our products and online.

So we picked up everything and moved to Bozeman, MT, a place we had been called to move to for some time. As soon as we landed, everything began to flow. We found a new, affordable rental space to create our very own food manufacturing facility! We began connecting with all the right people to source ethical, organic ingredients, find the right equipment, create wall art, and more. Our vision was crystal clear: 

To create the highest vibe food manufacturing facility in the world.

This has been a dream on our hearts for YEARS. But I didn't know it would be for DELIGHTED BY. I thought maybe for our future venture, REQUESTbar. But no, DB wanted to be a huge part of this vision manifesting in the world.

We are so excited. We have taken our heartbreaks, our losses, our failures and used them for good. It is a true honor to be in this position, and I cannot wait to show you the facility upon completion. 

There will be some changes around here. BIG changes.

Our core product - the dessert hummus - will be taking a new form (we will keep you guessing for now).

We have other dessert products on the horizon too (such as our plant-based, GF 'funky fudge' brownies)!

Our packaging and overall brand is morphing into what it was always meant to be.

We are partnering with aligned creatives, artists and musicians to infuse our products with intention and loving vibrations that will land into your cells every time you eat them.

Kinda like a bestie once said when she ate my hummus:

"This is what love tastes like."

We will be selling our products exclusively online, direct to your doorstep, creating a heart-centered community and meaningful connection every step of the way.

And I am committed to rebuilding this brand with my full energy - every part of me, never again holding anything back.

Ya feel me?

If you haven't already, please subscribe to our newsletter and follow me on Instagram to stay posted with all updates. Our re-launch will be happening sometime this summer. Thank you for your patience in the mean time, we promise it will be worth it!

In Love, Gratitude and Delight,

Makenzie xx