10 Places That are Perfect for Snack Packs

Snacking is so delightful, and with the new DELIGHTED BY Desserts Edible Brownie Batter Snack Packs, it's even more delightful!

It's likely not hard to come up with places for snacking because, well, snacking can really happen anytime and anywhere. But just in case you're looking for all the extra places, we have them for you today.

10 Places That are Perfect for Snack Packs

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  1. School lunch box. In case you missed it, these were featured in our back-to-school ideas Facebook LIVE which you can check out HERE.
  2. Gym bag. Never leave home without snacks in your gym bag. Perfect for pre- or post-workout snacking.
  3. The beach. Lazy days at the beach while snacking and soaking up the sun; a delightful combination.
  4. Mother's group meet-up. Double-bonus. Bringing Snack Packs to a Mother's group meet-up means a delicious snack for both mamas and the children. 
  5. Preschool birthday treats. Almost every school now needs a packaged food item vs. homemade treat, per school rules. Grab several Snack Packs for the birthday bash!
  6. On a road trip. Headed out of town for the weekend? Bring these along for the fun! Bonus: Tag us (@delightedbydesserts) in your road trip photos to share your adventures.
  7. To the movies. Sneak a pack into the movie theatre - they'll never even know :) 
  8. Work lunch box / bag. Hey, it's not just the kids who need snacks and lunches at school!
  9. To the park. Spend an afternoon having a picnic and hanging out at the park. Pack these to join the fun.
  10. On a hike. We love the outdoors and hiking, but don't forget some quick on-the-go fuel so you can be out as long as possible.

Where else would you bring a Snack Pack?

Leave it in the comments below!

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