6 Ways to Use Delighted By for Breakfast


We wake up inspired, excited, and passionate each and every single day. When you are delighted by the daily tasks on your plate and work you get to perform, this is easy to do.

Along with filtered water, journaling, a yoga session or other workout, and setting intentions, enjoying a delicious breakfast is always part of the daily routine.

A common question we get is, "How can I eat your hummus for breakfast?" We love this question because when it comes to Delighted By Hummus, dessert for breakfast is always appropriate.

Here are 6 ways to use Delighted By for breakfast. 

6 Ways to Use Delighted By for Breakfast

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6 Ways to Use DB for Breakfast delightedbydesserthummus.com #breakfastideas #backtoschool #hummus

  1. Spread on pancakes. On Sundays, make a double or triple batch of pancakes, then freeze the extras. Come morning, all you have to do is thaw and spread your favorite Delighted By Hummus flavor on top.

  2. Muffin topper. Having a muffin topped with dessert hummus is just like eating a gourmet cupcake for breakfast. Top your favorite muffin with dessert hummus for an extra sweet breakfast treat. 

  3. Spread on toast. Move over toast 'n jam, the new kid toast 'n dessert hummus is in town. Eat your toast plain with dessert hummus, or top the toast with bananas or another fruit for more of a loaded toast.

  4. Oatmeal topper. BYOB, breakfast-style; build-your-own-bowl. Start with oatmeal, and add in all your favorite fixings like fruit, nuts, and of course, dessert hummus dolloped on top.

  5. Banana dipper. We know that some mornings are breakfast-in-the-car type mornings. Getting yourself and the kids out the door can be like trying to juggle 7 balls on your tip-toes....in the dark. Make your next chaotic morning ultra-simple. Grab a tub of hummus and a banana (or other fruit). Dip away.

  6. Chia pudding topper. Overnight Chia Pudding is a popular recipe because they only require a little work the night before and perform their their magic while you sleep. Make a basic Chia Pudding (1/2 cup milk of choice + 2 - 2 1/2 Tablespoons chia seed), then remove from the fridge in the morning and top with your favorite dessert hummus. 

Your simple breakfast has been served. Enjoy your day!

6 Ways to Use Delighted By for Breakfast delightedbydesserthummus.com #breakfastideas #breakfast #backtoschool oatmeal6 Ways to Use Delighted By for Breakfast delightedbydesserthummus.com #breakfastideas #breakfast #backtoschool with Soozys muffins

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