The Easiest Key Lime Pie (Vegan, GF & Nut-Free!)

It's heating up out there!  Cool off with the most delicious yet simple Key Lime Pie recipe you have ever tried.  



THE EASIEST KEY LIME PIE (Vegan, GF, nut-free)


The Kween herself @avokween sent us a box of Granola Butter 🔥 and we couldn’t help but feel the urge to combine it with some DB. The winner combo? DB KEY LIME + ORIGINAL Granola Butter = Key Lime Pie heaven 🌟👏🏻 Find her Granola Butter HERE.



Here is what you will need: 

🍈  1/2 tub of Original Granola Butter by @kweenandco

🍈  1 tub of DB Key Lime Pie

🍈  Optional: Vegan whip cream


Here is how to do it!:

1. Stir the granola butter well and spoon into a container of choice

2. Freeze for 30 minutes or more

3. Top with DB Key Lime Pie

(Optional: Finish off with cocowhip)

4. Dig in with delight!

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