DELIGHTED BY is so much more than a dessert company. In 2015, after embarking upon a healing journey that was highly transformative for me, I heard the call of my heart to bring Delighted By to the world. It wasn’t just an idea, but an actual energy that made its way known to me -- a beautiful, feminine presence. DB (as I call her) and I became best friends as we set out to spread our glitter in the world together. In working with her over time, she has given me the permission I needed to be my FULL self. She has shown me that I am worthy of living a life I am truly delighted by. As we have danced together, I have done just that -- danced more. Sang more. Reclaimed my inherent creativity. Felt the preciousness of my sensitivity. Owned my true power and found the Truth of my voice. And so much more.

Now DB and I want to pass these gifts onto you through our products and creative expressions. Our intention is bring more beauty and delight to the world in everything we do. May you receive DB's heart-codes while you interact with our brand and eat our delicious desserts.

Thank you for being on this journey with me. I'd love to stay in touch! 


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xx, Makenzie

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