We apply this mission to every area of our business, seen and unseen. Our goal is that if you were to join in on our team meetings, work for our company, or see all the true ins and outs of operations, you would be left with a taste that you are truly DELIGHTED BY. 

DELIGHTED BY products are made in our very own high-vibe manufacturing facility in Bozeman, MT using 100% organic, all natural, ethically sourced ingredients.
All batches are made with intention, surrounded by art, color, dance, music, sound and other healing modalities to ensure only the purest energy makes its way into our products and therefore your body.
We are committed to bringing more LOVE to humanity, utilizing our food products and business practices as vehicles to do so. Our company is dedicated to paving a new way of enterprise and food manufacturing that is rooted in heart and creativity.

Read why our journey has led us to a 100% e-commerce model here.